Ad Amsterdam il terzo Annual Location Business Summit

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Dal 22 al 23 maggio 2012 si terrà, ad Amsterdam, il terzo Annual Location Business Summit dal titolo “Indoor, Local, Social and Mobile: Monetize your Location Offering for 2012“. Si tratta della più grande conferenza in Europa su questi argomenti, per i quali l’interesse è di certo aumentato; basti considerare che si prevede che i ricavi basati su LBS per mobile in Europa cresceranno dai €205 milioni del 2010 a €435.000.000 entro il 2016.

L’Osservatorio è diventato Media Partner dell’evento; gli organizzatori, oltre all’intervista che segue con Naomi Hands, hanno voluto dare due opportunità a chi legge i nostri articoli: per tutte le persone che si iscriveranno alla nostra Newsletter quindicinale, infatti, invieremo via mail un codice sconto del valore di 200 euro sul pass per partecipare all’evento e un link da cui scaricare un report aggiornato su Mobile & Marketing.

Ecco l’intervista con Naomi.

Roberto: First of all, could you describe yourself, what’s your job in TheWhereBusiness and what is TheWhereBusiness?

Naomi: To sum myself up, I am a self professed geek and love absolutely anything to do with the online, mobile and LBS space. For a day job, I am responsible for putting together and running conferences and events focussed on the Location Based Services and mobile marketing space, on behalf of TheWhereBusiness. TheWhereBusiness has been around for about 3 years now, and our goal is to help growth within the location industry through B2B events and by bringing together the key industry influencers to tackle some of the biggest issues.

R: You are organizing the third Location Business Summit Europe in Amsterdam. Are you seeing a growing attention on these topics also in Europe? Do you have market insight on Europe?

N: Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge shift in people’s attitudes towards location based services. Consumers are more willing to adopt mobile technology, and through this, social apps. As long as they feel they are getting some value from the services whether it’s through coupons, reward programs or contextual and relevant information then they are happy to share their location information.

As a result of this there has been a growth in opportunities for LBS companies to tap into the industry whether it’s through location based advertising, gaming, or location analytics. The other area of growth we’ve seen is in social apps, for example, finding out where your friends are and sharing your location when you check in to a restaurant. Through building a social profile about a consumer, this allows for local reach and again is something spurring on the SoLoMo revolution.

R: I see that many speakers come from big company. Are LBS technology a matter for big companies or the integration of LBS in marketing campaign represents an opportunity also for small businesses?

N: There have been some interesting mergers and acquisitions over the last couple of years. Many of the larger companies have been snapping up some of the innovative LBS companies as a way of extending their location platforms and offering other services to their clients, and we’ve seen huge brands integrating the technology as part of their marketing campaigns. It’s getting to the point where location is no longer a feature of smart phones and technology but an enabler.

There are most definitely opportunities for small businesses on both the consumer side and LBS tech provider side to maximise the potential that location based marketing holds. I was out the other day and saw that my favourite local café was featuring on a ‘what’s around me’ type app, and if you reviewed your experience there you got rewarded with a free coffee next time you went. I was genuinely pleased to see that small businesses are able to capitalise on location based services and increase their client base given the economic climate.

R: What are the hot topics that will be discussed in Amsterdam?

N: Where to begin! The hot topics up for discussed at the Location Business Summit range from indoor location and the opportunities that have arisen with indoor mapping, navigation and business models which companies can apply today, to location based advertising, and getting the brands perspective on what’s working and what isn’t. We’re also going to be going in-depth into m-commerce and payments, winning business models for the monetisation of location based services, mobile marketing and how to deliver contextual, relevant information to the consumer.

R: Who should attend to your event, and why?

N: Anyone who’s interested in making money in the location based services and mobile marketing space! More seriously, the event is tailored to meet the needs of LBS service providers, content providers, global consumer brands, marketing and advertising agencies, advertising networks and platform providers.

Our speciality and what makes us stand out is that the level of attendees we attract are exceptionally senior, from C-level to directors and executives who are normally very hard to reach. We bring together not only the key influencers in the industry but the people who have the power to make decisions and those responsible for the purse strings. So not only are the networking opportunities incredible, but you also have two days of intense learning and knowledge sharing from the movers and shakers that you won’t get anywhere else.

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